Q1: What does TAAT refer to?

A1: The word TAAT is taken from Arabic word TA’A meaning obedience to Allah in performing good deeds.

Q2: Does TAAT Foundation own the land being developed for the orphanage

A2: The land was granted to TAAT Foundation by the State Government of Negeri Sembilan for the purpose of building and operating and orphanage according to stringent terms and conditions.

Q3: How does TAAT manage to organize international events like CSP?

A3: TAAT Foundation worked with other partner organizations from the public and private sectors to organize events and activities. We have a sharing and caring approach that allows us to work with like minded entities in implementing beneficial actions for the community.

Q4: What is the significance of colors on the logo?

A4: The 3 colours of the logo have specific symbolic meanings;
  1. Yellow symbolizes the Divine Law, Syari'ah – The Law
  2. Green symbolizes Existence, Life and Sustenance - The Way
  3. White symbolizes Essence, Purity and Unity – The Truth

Main in Islamic Society lives according to The Divine Law (Syari'ah). Man with special vocation seeks The truth through The Way (Tari’qah) that exists as the principle and the inner dimensions of The Law. White is the integration of all colours, pure and unstained. It is through White that colour is made Manifest (The Truth). So through black it remains hidden (The Source).